L'OBJET unveils Limited Edition Candle in collaboration with Oficina Marques

October 2023 - Leading fragrance and design luxury house, L'OBJET, has joined creative forces with the Portuguese multidisciplinary Art and Design studio, Oficina Marques, to introduce Botanica, a limited edition of 20 candles.

This collaborative endeavor has resulted in a candle that masterfully blends the evocative craftsmanship of L'OBJET with the creative artistry and hands-on expertise of Gezo and José, founders of Oficina Marques. Crafted from ceramic, each vessel, measuring an impressive 20 cm in diameter and standing 27 cm tall, is meticulously hand-made and painted by these talented artisans, from beginning to end, ensuring that no two candles are alike, and every piece stands as a unique work of art.

The Botanica Candle draws its inspiration from the untamed beauty of the wilderness, with designs that transport viewers to a realm of natural enchantment, capturing the essence of wild nature. Ceramic elements take the form of forest vegetation and fauna, providing a tactile connection to the serenity of the outdoors.

Each vessel is filled with fragranced wax with notes of uplifting Egyptian geranium, woodsy akigalawood, spicy nutmeg, Indonesian patchouli, African frankincense, and the unmistakable outdoorsy scent of fir balsam, each candle invites an olfactory journey into the heart of the forest.


Founded by Elad Yifrach, L’OBJET is a fragrance and design luxury house specializing in Personal and Home Fragrance, exquisitely crafted Tableware, Table Accessories, and Home Décor. An interior designer by trade, Elad created a design language, informed by his eye for handcrafted details and influenced by his love of diverse cultures. A lifelong traveler, Elad strives to imbue each piece with its own story. Beginning with a collection of tableware, he refined this aesthetic and expanded to new categories. Each collection is rich in detail, unmatched in quality, and rooted in an academicism that sets L’OBJET apart from its competitors. The hand-crafting techniques used, and the exquisite pieces that result, are unique to the world. The ethos of the brand stems from the timeless nature of each piece, and its ability to transform its surroundings.


Led by the creative duo Gezo Marques and José Aparício Gonçalves, Oficina Marques is a multidisciplinary Art and Design studio that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Founded in 2018, the studio has an optimistic and transformative approach to art, infusing everyday life with its unique vision. Oficina Marques pieces are a fusion of vibrant colors, organic forms, and geometric patterns, reflecting the beauty of their surroundings and their dedication to manual craftsmanship.